Hi, my name is Ulrike Bialas.

Like many vegans, I was first a vegetarian. It took me many years to acknowledge that being a vegetarian could not accomplish what I thought it did: respect all animals‘ right to life. I realized that by consuming milk, eggs, and all the other ingredients I didn‘t even know came from animals, I was financing the very industries and companies I was trying to boycott and buttressing the same oppressive framework I thought myself above.

While there are many wonderful print and online sources for vegan recipes, merchandise, and other lifestyle issues, far fewer vegan outlets wrestle with the why rather than the how of veganism. Similarly, many people think of veganism as merely a diet: a lifestyle choice with little potential beyond supermarkets and kitchens. In fact, veganism is at the crossroads of this century‘s most pressing issues from climate change to personal law and from global health to global inequality.

I‘m trying to fill these voids by commenting on this non-vegan world―contemporary issues and news, as well as my own experiences and observations―from an animal rights perspective. What can veganism contribute to the planet we all live on and the societies we‘ve built on it? And what do events and issues that are at first glance unrelated to animal rights tell us about our relationship to non-human animals?

I live in Berlin and Princeton, NJ. I write in English and German, sometimes on the same topics, sometimes on topics that are more relevant to either Germany or the US.

Besides hearing from likeminded people, I enjoy tough questions and genuine criticism. Feel free to write me at veganzeitkritik@gmail.com or on Twitter @veganzeitkritik!